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Welcome to the age of vintage audio!

This site is dedicated to the era of vintage hi-fi.
Back to the days when things were simple and clear. When life was more romantic and profound.
And high-fidelity meant genuine stereo reproduction of sound.

In The Netherlands we were fortunate to rely on a crafty and innovating brand that was able to create the required equipment. This brand, named 'Philips', established an impressive and versatile electronics industry and has become one of the most innovating electronics manufacturers on the globe.

During the golden hi-fi age, Philips invoked numerous revolutions such as the compact cassette (1963), the output transformer-less tube radio (1956) and of course the laserdisc (1972), which was followed up by its audio successor known as the compact disc.

We have collected a representative selection from this rich history for you to experience. Just click on the desired category icon to continue. Then select the items by clicking on the icons.

We will update this site regularly and add more brochures, interesting articles and of course vintage equipment.

Enjoy your virtual trip through the inspiring world of  vintage hi-fi!


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Last update:  March 2nd, 2011

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